Career-Connected Learning Opportunities

Lamar District size: 1,578


Granada District size: 195

Prowers County

About Us
Prowers County is ready to start the conversation about their economy. With a renewed vigor around economic development since 2016, the Prowers Design Team is driven by Prowers Economic Prosperity which strives to build up their community through public and private partnerships. Located in Prowers County are the Lamar RE-2 and Granada RE-1 school districts, both primed and ready to create more career-connected learning opportunities with school leadership engaged in the process. Deeply involved in this work is Lamar Community College, the local business community, and Lamar School District’s most important asset, its students. Prowers Economic Prosperity is motivated to instill a sense of personal pride, offer real-world career exploration activities, and create linkages to community groups designed to help students succeed and gain meaningful employment in the region. They are strongly motivated to boost employment, community engagement, and youth retention in the area.

Local Industries 
Agriculture, entrepreneurship, government, healthcare

Design Team Leads
Tara Hosick, Director, Prowers Economic Prosperity

Prowers Economic Prosperity

Lamar Elementary Schools

Lamar Middle School

Lamar High School

Lamar Charter School (K-6)


Lamar Graduation Rate*


Colorado Graduation Rate*

Granada Elementary School

Granada High School


Granada Graduation Rate*


Colorado Graduation Rate*

* (2019, four-year) 90% Lamar, 93.8% Granada, 81.1% Colorado