Clear Creek

Aspires to offer an education that moves beyond traditional academic learning.

District size: 732

Clear Creek School District

Who We Are
Our mission is to provide quality well-rounded education to students in Evergreen, Idaho Springs, Empire, and Georgetown. Our dedicated staff is committed to upholding the values to inspire, challenge, and empower young minds to excel academically and socially.  While offering rigorous academic curriculum in all grade levels, Clear Creek School District aspires to offer an education that moves beyond traditional academic learning. Academic opportunities at Clear Creek are enhanced by creative arts, vocation, physical, social, and emotional learning.  We understand that all of these elements are necessary to inspire our young people to become fearless lifelong learners and to excel in higher education and life.

Local Industries 
Hospitality/tourism, trades, healthcare, transportation

Design Team Leads
Karen Quanbeck, Superintendent
Becky Dancer, Academic Coordinator

Climax Molybdenum Company

Elementary Schools

Middle School

High School

Charter School (K-6)


Clear Creek Graduation Rate*


Colorado Graduation Rate*

* (2019, four-year) 82.5% Clear Creek, 81.1% Colorado